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Man sliced of his nose and lips to look like a skul

Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, 22, has renamed himself Kalaca Skull, after two years worth of extreme surgery.

The 22-year-old is a Colombian known as Kalaca Skull but born Eric Yeiner Hincapie Ramirez.

To achieve his aim, Kalaca Skull has underwent a surgical procedures that include the cutting of his nose, tongue and ears while his eyes are tattooed on his face.

Tattoo artist Kalaca Skull, real name Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, has been undergoing extreme surgical procedures to make his face look like a skeleton for the last two years.

He also split his tongue in two and dyed it grey before having dark sockets permanently tattooed around his eyes.Now Kalaca has become a local hero, with his Instagram profile regularly featuring pics of himself greeting fans.

He told Colombian news site Rio Noticias: “Body modifications are a personal decision and should not be judged.

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